Monthly Archives: April 2015

Another JAFF novel in the making

I have commenced my third “Pride and Prejudice” What If  Regency romance. I am in the middle of chapter two. Will it ever by finished? Who knows at this point, but writing it is keeping me out of trouble.

As most of you know “Mr. Darcy and the Lady with the Fine Eyes” is for sale on Amazon, in print and on kindle. I intend to publish the second, “The Pleasure of Mr. Darcy’s Love,” in June or July.

Next I think I’ll start promoting my mystery romances, The Millicent and Lute Love Mystery series, set in central Kentucky horse country. The first, “In the Rafters,” will probably go out in time for Christmas sales. Possibly by then, I’ll know if the latest Darcy/Elizabeth encounter has leaped onto the page. If not, I have time. I have six novels in the Millicent and Lute Love Mystery series completed, with only a final perusal necessary before publication.

Lost in the Final Four

I am heartbroken. My wonderful Wildcats could not get past Wisconsin in the semi-final game. The pundits are saying that if Kentucky and Wisconsin played ten times Kentucky would win seven. Unfortunately that is not how it works in NCAA basketball. This is not the NBA playoffs or the World Series. I know some of the Cats will leave. They are such good friends and they will remain in each other’s lives I’m sure. However, they’ll never play together again for the National Championship. They are all wonderful boys with a great sense of what is right. They will continue to help the less fortunate and be an asset to the world. Congrats, Wildcats on a 38-1 season.