Monthly Archives: February 2016

Please help me by reading “In the Rafters” and posting a five star review!

As I mentioned earlier in a former post, Amazon does not help the writer market mysteries. There are just too many out there. You will like “In the Rafters.” It is a mystery/romance set in central Kentucky horse country. It is the first of six Millicent/Lute mystery/romances I have already written and I need to get it attention so I can then publish the others.

Readers, help! You will love my series. To find it on Amazon (print or kindle) use the title as follows: “In the Rafters/ A Millicent/Lute Mystery/Romance”. Using that title expedites your search, since just posting “In the Rafters” seems to lead to all sorts of entries on Google for some inscrutable reason. Thanks in advance for your review. I look forward to reading them. ENJOY!

Hey, out there, all you P & P variation lovers

A shout out to the readers of Pride and Prejudice variations! I have a new variation in the works. I intend to publish (on kindle and Amazon print) “The Pleasure of Mr. Darcy’s Love” in March or April. I am just now commissioning the cover and the artist is one busy lady. However, since I loved the cover she did for me for “Mr. Darcy’s Foreboding”, I intend to wait to get moved up on her schedule. If you haven’t read my first two, get them. The first is titled “Mr. Darcy and the Lady with the Fine Eyes.” You’ll love it.

For the present, I have a question: are any of you mystery readers? I have written six mysteries also. The first, “In the Rafters”, is on kindle and in print on Amazon. I published it in late November. Please read it and write a review. It seems that there are so many mysteries printed every month that most get lost in the numbers. I need to get reviews to get attention. It is a delightful mystery/romance, set in Kentucky horse country.