Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hey, out there! Darcy Meets Elizabeth in Kentucky is finally on Amazon and kindle!

It was a struggle but my son and I finally successfully completed the publishing of “Darcy Meets Elizabeth in Kentucky” on Amazon (print copies) and kindle. Try it out and give me a review. I am interested to know your reaction to my putting my two favorite characters into the setting of my favorite place on earth in the twenty-first century. It is a mystery and a romance, so there is something for everyone. ENJOY!

Glenna is at it again . . . a new Darcy and Elizabeth saga is coming out soon.

I have decided to make a bold step and turn my mysteries into” Pride and Prejudice” variations. It is simple really — well somewhat simple. I have to move their love story from Regency into the twenty first century.

It has been fun. I am confident that you will like the result. The first in the series, “Darcy Meets Elizabeth in Kentucky” is a re-write of my mystery/romance “In the Rafters”. Again 17 thoroughbreds are stolen and Elizabeth takes up the challenge. She meets Darcy along the way under strange and suspicious circumstances. But, as all romances should unfold, the two fall in love. Then they are thrust into a murder investigation. As a couple, they attempt to solve it. All this and Kentucky too.

In the twentieth century, Darcy’s mother’s grandfather and grandmother and Elizabeth’s mother settled in Kentucky. As the story opens, ¬†Elizabeth and Darcy live in two separate Kentucky communities, but mysterious circumstances and a common love for horses throw them together.