Monthly Archives: July 2017

More novels on the shelf

I have, as author Glenna Mason, self-published two new novels, which are the beginning of a five part PRIDE AND PREJUDICE variation series. They have all the wonderful and not so wonderful P and P characters, plus new ones created to forward the life of Darcy and Elizabeth as a couple. Read the two which are published please. They are THE LUCK OF FITZWILLIAM DARCY and THE DARCYS RETURN TO PEMBERLEY.  The third in the series, THE DARCYS AND THE DUKE, will be published in September.

Next week, the week of July the 10th, I shall publish the second of my Millicent/Lute mystery/romance series. It is OF THE GLEN. Look for it on Amazon soon. You will enjoy the romance and be intrigued by the couple’s search for the serial killer attacking coeds from central Kentucky universities. As you know, Millicent is a professor at one of those universities, EKU. Her students are threatened; she just has to react. And of course Lute must help her and protect her.

If you haven’t read the initial Millicent/Lute mystery romance, IN THE RAFTERS, please do so. It introduces the characters, the romance and involves stolen thoroughbreds and murder. You will like it.