I have a confession to make. The evening that my son Dodd and I put In the Rafters on Create Space to “create” a print edition of my first mystery/romance for you my readers, my son noticed that I had given my main character Millicent the last name Mason. Of course seven years ago when I began the Millicent/Lute mystery series I had no idea that when I published my novels I’d use a pen name. I am Glenna Mason Pope Harris. I just assumed I would use the name Glenna Harris as author on the front of my books.

Then I decided to use Glenna Mason, but I was publishing Pride an Prejudice variations, so I thought nothing of the future problem with that particular pen name. My son had no idea what name I had chosen for my main character in the mysteries–that is until we were in the process of publishing In the Rafters and there was Millicent Lee Mason on the first line. Dodd decided the main character’s last name had to be changed. So through the magic of the computer world, all the Masons became Webbs.

I didn’t see any problem. However, there was one slight one I had forgotten. Millicent, as I hope you know by now, is a college professor with a specialty in Mystery Fiction. Hence often in her everyday life she considers what fictional detectives, professional and amateur, in the world of literature would do. Miss Marple, ¬†Hercule Poirot, Adam Dalgleish, Lucas Davenport, Tommy Linley, Richard Jury and several others–they’re there in Millicent’s mind. Okay–no problem. None of them have the name Mason. BUT can you now think of one who does? You got it. Perry Mason was mentioned in passing. I didn’t even remember the reference until I got the print edition and read it through. Perry Mason of course inadvertently became Perry Webb.

I have, therefore, corrected the error, along with a minor number of comma errors and sent the novel back to print. Thus if you did not buy the print or the kindle version by Saturday, eight days after its first exposure, you are good to go. Perry is back to Mason now. SORRY!

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