Marketing Strategies — Help!

Just a short post to let you know I am trying to upgrade my marketing of “In the Rafters.” It seems mysteries, which are self-published, have a harder time reaching readers than Pride and Prejudice Variations, which have a built-in readership. (As you know I have two P&P variations out there, just waiting for more readers–”Mr. Darcy and the Lady with the Fine Eyes” and” Mr. Darcy’s Foreboding.”)

The problem is a good one though. Mysteries are the most popular form of fiction (next to romance) and my mystery is also a romance. Hence if I can just bring it to the ATTENTION of all those readers, I am good-to-go. What is problem then you may ask? Well, it seems that mysteries are also published in great numbers every month. So it is hard to get one’s own mystery the ATTENTION it needs. ┬áPlease read “In the Rafters” and write a sparkling review.

That is step number one, I think, and a good one…asking my blog readers to READ and REVIEW my novel, In the Rafters.” Help!

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