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Glenna Mason is my pen name. I write mystery/romance novels set in the Bluegrass of Kentucky.  I have also written two Pride and Prejudice What If? novels. What fun they were to write. I adore Jane Austen. And every woman loves Mr. Darcy.

As for the mystery/romances, the main characters are a couple who fall in love in the first mystery, In the Rafters. Four of the novels are set in the Bluegrass of Kentucky, one on a ski trip to Vermont and the sixth on a vacation in Russia. It has been a pleasure to invent Millicent and Lute Girard. They and their friends are constantly embroiled in one misadventure after another. They clear up one murder, kidnapping or theft and a second seemingly follows immediately in its tracks.

The Girards have two farms, a thoroughbred breeding farm and a standard bred training farm. Lute is himself a fairly famous trainer and sulky driver. Millicent rides like a dream and oversees her mares and foals, between teaching classes at EKU. Her specialty is Mystery Fiction. She’s also an expert on Shakespeare.

One wouldn’t think that treachery and spite and horror would visit such bucolic sites, but it does. The Girards are magnets for the mysterious.

The Pride and Prejudice romances are The Pleasure of Mr. Darcy’s Love and The Lady with the Fine Eyes. The former begins its story the moment Elizabeth turns down Darcy’s proposal when they are both visiting in Kent. This is of course halfway through the original tale. The latter takes a totally different approach.  Its story begins in Derbyshire. Elizabeth is traveling with her aunt and uncle. Darcy is at Pemberley. They have not yet met. He sees her and her fine eyes when he lunches at the Lambton Inn. Unlike the circumstances in Jane Austen’s  plot, Darcy is immediately smitten, but is she?



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