Kentucky Wildcats

I am one of those rabid UK basketball fans that you often hear about from November until April. Every year my daughter Lee and I travel to the SEC Tournament to cheer on the Cats. We like to go to Nashville because not only is it near to Louisville, where we both live, but it is also a place where music is everywhere. Atlanta is very welcoming and has a fabulous zoo with panda bears and a white tiger. UK has had such great success there that Cat fans have nicknamed the city CATLANTA. Best of all is New Orleans. I love their jazz, their restaurants and their ambiance. The tourney is seldom in New Orleans, which only adds to the excitement when it is.

Of course we love our coach, John Calipari. He really takes his responsibility to his young players seriously. When they leave, most are still WILDCATS forever. Cal continues to mentor them and we fans cheer them when they return and follow them in whatever career they choose. They often come back to Kentucky to play in alumni games for charity, to run camps for young girls and boys, and often just to be in the crowd. In the latter case they usually end up in the middle of the court with arms stretched out in a Y as the last letter in the cheer KENTUCKY.

We have many famous fans. Some are politicians, some rap artists, some NBA players, some actors and actresses. My favorite fan is the very loyal Hollywood star, Ashley Judd. She loves Kentucky and its basketball as much as I; she is often in the row behind the team, dressed in UK blue and white, cheering louder than anybody.

We always start the games with the national anthem and end with My Old Kentucky Home.

I guess everyone knows that UK fans, coaches and players like to win championships. We’re hoping to catch UCLA someday. Eight down and three to go.



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