Mr. Darcy

I think I fell in love with Mr. Darcy at age 14. I love all of Jane Austen’s novels and have read each of them innumerable times, but Pride and Prejudice tops my list of all time favorite stories. I have read it at least 20 times (remember I’m not a spring chicken.)

When the BBC came out with their rendition of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth, I knew perfection had been reached. The summer after the series came to television I was vacationing in Portugal with two of my friends. One evening we happened to be seated next to two British ladies, also on vacation in Portugal. They and I began to talk about the BBC Pride and Prejudice. The conversation continued through the dinner and several glasses of wine. The charm has never ended. I have copies of the film on both VHS and DVD. I haven’t watched it twenty times, but I have seen it at least six or seven. Only this week I loaned my DVD to a friend. Within two days she had watched it all.

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