Mr. Darcy & The Lady With The Fine Eyes

My long-suffering son (because he has to continuously help me navigate the computer) and I have recently placed my Regency era romance novel, Mr. Darcy & The Lady With The Fine Eyes–a Pride and Prejudice What If? book–on Amazon. It is currently on Kindle only, but in April, we will add a print copy. I am very excited. Already many people have read it and some have even generously given the work favorable reviews.

Mr. Darcy and the Lady with the Fine Eyes is a brand new look at what might have happened if Darcy had not met Elizabeth Bennet until her August trip to Derbyshire with her Aunt and Uncle Gardner.

It is filled with all your favorite Pride and Prejudice heroes/heroines and of course all the old familiar villains as well.

Join in the fun as Darcy falls in love at first sight this time and has to convince Elizabeth he is worthy. Watch Mr. Bennet outsmart Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine in one fell swoop, while carefully keeping Mrs. Bennet out of smart society’s way.

Can it be that Kitty and Georgiana become best friends as well as school mates, making their debuts together? And what of Mary? She gets a beau of a lifetime.

Who helps Darcy find Lydia for Elizabeth when Wickham spirits her away?

Don’t worry Bingley and Caroline and Jane and Anne and Charlotte all play a role, as do several new characters. It is early nineteenth century England at its best. Don’t miss it. A great read if I do say so myself.

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