In the Rafters can now be purchased on kindle or print from Amazon

In the Rafters is finally published. Go to Amazon and get your copy.

The life of Millicent Lee Webb, a college professor, with a specialty in mystery fiction, who also happens to be  thoroughbred horse farm manager, takes a bizarre turn when seventeen thoroughbreds are kidnapped from farms throughout the central Kentucky bluegrass. Millicent, a lover of the mystery, has always wanted her own to solve. This is her chance. Two of the valuable horses are stolen from her next door neighbor and special friend, Simeon Stanton.

You’ll have to get the book to learn the rest. However, just a hint  . . . solving a mystery isn’t as easy as Millicent assumed it would be. When she finally puts the clues together and finds her man, she also mysteriously falls in love. And guess with whom?  Complications galore! And suddenly a more serious inquiry lands in her lap when  her good friend and fellow professor is killed by a hit and run driver. Another mystery to solve and a new lover to assist in the caper? You’ll have to read to find out.

The most interesting mystery of all is one you’ll need to solve. Why is novel this called In the Rafters? Why is the Kentucky bluegrass depicted as so somber and–well– mysterious on the cover?


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